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Cottage Grove DWI: Man Flees and Car Catches Fire

A man has been arrested after he was allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol. After the traffic stop, he fled police officers in Cottage Grove. According to the Cottage Grove Police, officers responded to a call that stated an elderly man hit a rock and ran over a curb on 80th Street. The… Read more »

Cards Authorizing Pot Use in other States Irrelevant in Minnesota

The Minnesota state Court of Appeals has ruled that a card that permits an individual to use medical marijuana in another state cannot escape a drug charge in Minnesota. As reported by the Minnesota Star Tribune, in 2011, the defendant was stopped for speeding in Itasca County by a Minnesota state trooper. The officer spelled marijuana… Read more »

Drug Use Suspected in St. Paul Grocery Store Crash

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that in an early May altercation between a car and a Rice Street grocery store, police suspect that the driver of the car was on drugs, according to the charges filed against the driver of the automobile. The man was charged with first-degree driving while impaired in Ramsey county… Read more »

Senate Committee Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

The Star Tribune reports that a medical marijuana bill has made progress at the State Capitol as the 2014 legislative session starts to near its end. The Senate Health Committee passed a piece of legislation on April 25 with a 7-3 vote. It is the first time this year that the bill has reached a… Read more »

Hennepin County Drug Task Force Fighting Heroin

Police in Eden Prairie are working hard to take steps to battle the heroin use increase and the abuse of prescription drugs that are plaguing inner city areas and now becoming more prevalent in the suburban communities. It has been noticed that there is a change in the usage of the drugs and in the… Read more »

February Ruling Says MN Needs to Act on Sex Offender Program

CBS News reports a federal district court judge has ruled that the Minnesota legislature needs to act to fix their Sex Offender Program. The program has locked up over 700 sex offenders with virtually none of them getting out even after they served their prison sentences before being admitted. The ruling just came shy of calling the… Read more »

Tax Refund Theft in the Twin Cities

Authorities are warning residents throughout the Twin Cities and Minnesota that tax refund theft is happening. There is a lot of movement during tax season, so it is very important for individuals to understand what is happening with their tax refund. While there are cases of tax refund theft, mainly in the form of identity… Read more »