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DWI/DUI Defense

F.T. Sessoms has a leading record in DWI Defense and has been recognized as one of the very best Minneapolis & St. Paul DWI attorneys. In 2012, F. T.  Sessoms was named the “Minneapolis DWI Defense Lawyer of the Year” and has been named a Minnesota Super Lawyer for over 13 years.

When a client has been charged with DWI, there are a number of strategies that Minnesota DWI Lawyer F. T. Sessoms will use to secure a dismissal of the charges and the restoration of the client’s driver’s license. DWI has a number of technical issues and defenses that are available to the accused and Minnesota DWI Lawyer F.T. Sessoms is a master at exploiting the potential errors that commonly occur in a DWI case.

“I have successfully defended numerous drunk driving arrests in Minnesota by challenging, among other things, the grounds for the initial stop; whether the police had probable cause; whether the police made a mistake of law; whether the consent to test was coerced; whether the police attempted to obtain a search warrant prior to testing; whether the test itself was valid; and whether the right to additional testing was violated.” If an error has been made in a DWI case or any criminal case, F.T. Sessoms will find it.

People often have many questions when after they have been arrested for DWI as for many, it is their first contact with the police. Here are answers to questions that people typically after they have been arrested for a Minnesota DWI.

F.T. Sessoms Answers your Questions about DWI & DUI