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He was the best. I was not sure what to expect from the process. He had it all covered. I could not ask for better representation. He was great!

I was charged with a 2nd DWI, with a high level of intoxication. Mr. Sessoms negotiated an excellent settlement with no jail-time. The State asserted a forfeiture of my fully owned, high-end car, which is almost impossible to overturn. They would have gotten away with it, if it had not been from Mr. Sessoms. He brilliantly argued grounds against the forfeiture and I had my car back within a few days. Mr. Sessoms stayed in contact with me from start to finish of my case and promptly returned any call or e-mail from me. Out of all of the DWI attorneys that I had to choose from, I would have been crazy to choose anyone else.

Mr. Sessoms is an amazing DWI and criminal defense attorney.I could not have asked for a better attorney to answer my questions, and make sure I was taken care of through the entire process.I will forever be thankful for what he did for me.

I was charged with a DWI but Mr. Sessoms got the license revocation rescinded and the DWI dismissed. This was particularly important to me as am a truck driver with a commercial driver’s license. Mr. Sessoms did a great job for me and I know he will do a great job for you!!

I was charged with Felony DWI and was facing a ton of jail time, the forfeiture of my vehicle and years and years without a license. But Mr. Sessoms convinced the judge assigned to the case that the arresting officer was lying about the reasons for the stop! As a result, the case was dismissed, my Cadillac was returned to me and I now have my license back. He saved my life!! If you are looking for a fantastic Minnesota Criminal Defense and DWI Lawyer, look no further as Mr. Sessoms is the attorney for you!!!

I was arrested for a DWI in Chisago County and hired F. T. Sessoms as my attorney. After various hearings, Mr. Sessoms convinced the judge to rescind my driver's license revocation and dismiss the criminal case. Thanks to Mr. Sessoms I still have a clean driving record. He did a great job for me and I highly recommend him as a DWI and Criminal Defense Attorney!!

Within the last year, I received my third DWI within ten years and my whole life was a mess aside from a falsely accused domestic assault charge. I was lucky enough to have worked with Sessoms for my other charges and knew where to go first. He has always pointed me in the right direction and did so this time as well. He was able get me into the DWI court program as well as getting the domestic charge dropped. Throughout the whole process, he kept steering me in the right direction as well as giving me encouragement and support with my accomplishments. With the situation being what it is, I can't think of a better out come than what he provided for me and I am truly grateful for his efforts to better the situation for my future. I can confidently say I made the right decision by dialing his number and will be recommending him to anyone else I know that fall into the same dark situation that I have been through. Thanks Sessoms. Jess

I got two DWI's back to back and thanks to F.T. Sessoms I didn't do any jail time, no home monitoring, and I got my license back! If you ever get in any trouble, especially a DWI, Mr. Sessoms is the attorney for you! He genuinely cares about each client and what happens to you! Hopefully I never get in trouble again, but if I do, I know who to call!

Looking for an amazing attorney that knows exactly what he is doing? Then look no further. From first contact with Mr. Sessoms, there was virtually nothing I had to do but show up on court dates for my DWI Case. Not only did he handle everything for me, the outcome was 100% better than I imagined. I was looking at losing my truck for good, plenty of fines and possible jail time. Not only am I not doing jail time, I am not paying large fines and best of all.....the State did not get money for selling my truck. Why? Because it is sitting in my driveway. Mr. Sessoms was picked for me by an attorney in Dallas, which belongs to the Super Lawyers Group. His pick could not have been any better. There is NO ONE ELSE I would have rather worked with. Mr. Sessoms, I appreciate everything you have done for me....I owe you!

If you ever get charged with a DWI, you will know how humiliating it is! You will receive many attorney brochures in the mail. Throw them all away and contact Mr. F.T. Sessoms! You cannot choose a better DWI attorney than F.T. He knows your rights! He listens to you, he's very honest with you, and he will put together a plan. He will put you at ease, knowing he is working for you and will do all he can to fight your case. He has overwhelming experience and knowledge in Minnesota DWI law. He's fought cases to the Supreme Court! His credentials are amazing! (click on his website above). I'm not proud of driving while over the limit, and it was a lifelong lesson that I learned, and vow to never let it happen again! The result of my case was, my DWI charge was thrown out due to an illegal stop. Illegal stops are probably the toughest defenses to prove in these cases, but F.T. was able to do so, and I will forever be thankful for him and what he did for me! He will fight for you till the end. He's truly masterful at his profession, you'll understand once you see him work! There is no other lawyer I would want in my corner than F.T. Sessoms, and I would recommend him till the day I die to anyone that needs assistance with their DWI case, F.T. Sessoms is your man, NO QUESTIONS ABOUT IT! Thanks from my heart! DTG, November 2011

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