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Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Fraud Lawyer Minnesota

Mortgage fraud can be committed by anyone involved in the mortgage process. The purpose of the crime is to save money, but it does tend to be a crime that is not intentionally committed, which could put a person under the microscope of the law for a federal offense that they may not have realized they committed.

At times, all it takes is a simple mistake to be accused of mortgage fraud. That is why it is imperative to have an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney working with you every step of the way. When it was a mistake, it has to be proven that it was a mistake. Even if intentional, the potential punishment may not fit the crime and that could warrant a reduction in the charges.

Committed Mortgage Fraud Representation

You can expect your attorney to be highly committed to your case. The work begins as soon as the call is made that representation is needed. Because mortgage fraud is a federal offense, an attorney with experience in federal court is a great asset to your case.

Common activities that constitute mortgage fraud include:

  • Over reporting assets
  • Foreclosure fraud
  • Failure to disclose a primary or secondary residence
  • Real estate investment fraud
  • Inflating income
  • Providing fraudulent information on a loan application
  • Not disclosing whether or not a home has renters
  • A mortgage broker or loan officer misrepresenting information in order to secure the loan
  • Taking kickbacks for approved mortgages

If a person is found guilty of mortgage fraud, there are a number of serious penalties that can include time in a federal prison and high fines. There is also the fact that a mortgage fraud conviction causes a mark on a person’s criminal record that can make finding a job or a place to live very difficult.

Providing The Legal Support You Need

Throughout the entire process, your Minneapolis defense attorney will be by your side. It is a must to have a competent, skilled, and powerful advocate by your side every step of the way. That way you can secure the best possible result in the case. Even when conviction cannot be avoided, the maximum penalties can be and that can have a positive impact on your future. In the meantime, your rights and interests are protected while you are guided through the legal process and given the advice needed to make informed decisions that affect the outcome.

Contact Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney F. T. Sessoms:

Mortgage fraud is a type of financial fraud that anyone owning real property with a mortgage can be charged with. Mortgage fraud can involve the misrepresentation of information on an application, taking kickbacks, and much more. If you have been accused of mortgage fraud, you have the right to secure the representation of an experienced attorney who knows how to get results.

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