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Murder Defense Lawyer Minnesota

Murder is the act of taking another person’s life and is frequently referred to as “homicide.” If a person is convicted of homicide, the penalties can be very extensive. They can be so serious that there are many individuals that spend their entire lives in prison for taking the life of other people. Some of these individuals commit the act intentionally and others don’t. For those that do not take the life of another intentionally, the penalties are typically not as serious.

If you or a loved one has been accused of murder, it is important to seek the representation of a criminal defense attorney who has the experience and knowledge to provide a quality defense.

Skilled Homicide Representation

The most serious of the charges is first degree murder and it is also the most complicated of the three murder charges. If a person is accused of first degree murder, the charge is essentially saying any of the following:

  • The victim was killed during the commission of another crime
  • The murder was intentional, also referred to as “premeditated”
  • The victim was a correctional officer or a peace officer, whether that death was intentional or unintentional
  • The victim was killed during an act of domestic abuse
  • Death occurred to another during the commission of a felony
  • Child abuse led to the death of a child

Second degree murder is charged when there was intention behind the murder, but there was no planning in advance. This can occur when committing another felony or any other means in which the death was not intended.

Third degree murder involves the commission of an act that has no regard for human life, such as distributing drugs to a person that causes them to overdose and die.

First degree manslaughter is charged when the murder is not premeditated and not intentional. “The heat of passion” falls under this category and also covers death that occurs during the commission of a misdemeanor.

A person may be charged with second degree manslaughter if they have caused the death of another during an act of negligence. Vehicular homicide is a type of negligence, but involves a motor vehicle rather than another type of weapon.

Compassionate Minneapolis & St. Paul Murder Defense

When accused of any degree of murder or homicide, it is imperative to secure quality representation by an attorney who knows the law and who will thoroughly investigate your case for the facts. Even if you feel as if there is no way to escape conviction, an experienced attorney can secure the best possible outcome for you, which doesn’t have to be the maximum consequences.

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Murder is a very serious offense and one that can result in life in prison if convicted. The impact that this offense can have on the futures of all involved is quite significant. If you or a loved one has been accused of murder, it is imperative to seek the representation of a highly experienced and successful attorney who will aggressively fight the charges. To learn more about your rights and options, contact me, Minnesota DWI and Criminal Defense Super Lawyer F.T. Sessoms, at 612-344-1505 and request a consultation as I would be happy to discuss your case with you.