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Embezzlement Defense Lawyer Minneapolis

Embezzlement has different faces. It can be a cashier taking small amounts of cash from the cash register or it can be a secretary bleeding money from the petty cash drawer. Other times, it is an accounting error that appears as if someone has been taking money from a business or other operation.

If you have been accused of embezzlement, it is important for you to contact an experienced Minneapolis & St. Paul criminal defense lawyer to defend your interests and your future. When you have a skilled attorney by your side, you can reveal the facts and receive the best possible outcome in your case. Sometimes that outcome is the dismissal of the charges or acquittal. Other times the end result is a reduction in charges that lead to lesser penalties.

Gathering The Facts In Your Case

When accused of embezzlement, your attorney will investigate the case in order to gather all of the facts and build a strong case for you. Your attorney will also help you understand the charges against you. For instance, a sum of money under $1,000 is not a felony, but anything over $1,000 is charged as a felony. If the money is taken from a bank or the government, it is considered a felony no matter the amount. Furthermore, it is a felony if the property that was stolen is a firearm. This could result in a gun offense if that is the case. How serious the penalties are is based upon the exact crime, how many criminal charges the defendant has been convicted of in the matter, and what the judge feels to be an appropriate punishment according to the guidelines provided to him or her by the law.

Working To Avoid Conviction

When the embezzlement charge is the result of a misunderstanding, the goal is to avoid conviction completely. An innocent person should not go to prison for something that they did not do or intend to do. If any doubt is cast on the U.S. Attorney’s case, then a person cannot be convicted.

If conviction is imminent because the charges are legitimate, then the goal moves toward having the charges reduced based on the facts. A reduction in charges means that the penalties are not as serious as they would be otherwise. This emphasizes the need for an experienced criminal defense attorney because it is the attorney who is able to build a strategic case designed to get results. Your attorney argues on your behalf, giving you the advocacy you need to be able to move on with your life as soon as possible.

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Embezzlement is a white collar crime that involves siphoning money from a business for personal gain. It is a common offense and one that can have very serious consequences that range from jail time to restitution. If you have been accused of embezzlement, securing quality and experienced legal representation as soon as possible can help you receive the best result in your case.

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