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Arson Defense Lawyer Minneapolis

Arson is classified as a serious offense in Minnesota, as it involves the intentional setting of a fire to property, whether that property belongs to another person or not. A person may set fire to their own property in order to file an insurance claim and obtain the money from that claim. That is considered insurance fraud, making insurance fraud an offense that sometimes accompanies arson.

Manslaughter can also accompany an arson charge if the intentional setting of a fire led to someone’s death.

If you or a loved one has been charged with arson, one of the first telephone calls made needs to be to a highly qualified Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer who has experience in defending clients in arson cases and who has an established track record of achieving fair results for clients.

Effectively Fighting Arson Charges

While there are legitimate cases of arson, there are times where arson charges may be filed by mistake. For instance, a person could be falsely accused of setting a fire. There are plenty of cases of mistaken identity that lead to arson charges for them to then be dismissed or a person acquitted. Even when there is merit to the charges, it is possible to have the charges reduced. It is through identifying the facts that a strong case can be built that leads to a fair outcome.

The following are the different arson charges:

  • First degree arson – Fire or explosives were used to intentionally damage a structure, regardless of whether anyone was in the structure at that time.
  • Second degree arson – Fire or explosives are used to intentionally destroy a structure valued over $1,000 that is not occupied.
  • Third degree arson – The intentional destruction of property with a value between $300 and $999.
  • Fourth degree arson – Fire or explosives are used to set a fire to a structure that does not fit within the first three charges. Setting an apartment fire fits within this degree.
  • Fifth degree arson – Setting fire to property regardless of the value.
  • Negligent fire – A person’s negligence leads to a fire that burns out of control.
  • Wildfire arson – A fire is intentionally started in nature, such as setting fire to grass, timber, underbrush, or other flammable materials.

Building A Solid Arson Defense

Building a solid arson defense starts with gathering the facts. Your Minneapolis & St. Paul criminal defense lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation to find these facts. This investigation includes using any and all resources that are available, such as witness statements and experts, so that you can have a strategic defense that is designed to secure the best possible outcome in your case.

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Arson is a very serious offense that is made more serious if someone is injured or killed in the incident. If you or a loved one has been accused of arson, it is very important that you seek legal representation that has a reputation for obtaining fair results.

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