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Mail Fraud

Mail Fraud Lawyer Minnesota

Mail fraud is a scheme in which a person is defrauded out of property or money using the U.S. postal service or any other interstate carrier. It is a federal felony offense with penalties that include time in prison and fines. If a person has a conviction for mail fraud on their record, finding a job or even a place to live, is a very difficult thing to do. It is a crime involving dishonesty so many retailers and others may fear that a person convicted of mail fraud will commit theft and automatically exclude the person from any hiring decisions.

If you have been charged with mail fraud, it is imperative to speak with F.T. Sessoms, a highly qualified Minnesota criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. This will allow work to immediately begin on your case and will allow you receive the advice and guidance that you need.

Quality Mail Fraud Defense

A quality defense is one that uses specific strategies to fight for a desired result. When a person is charged with mail fraud, the charge is typically attached to another crime. Other crimes falling within the mail fraud statutes include credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, and real estate fraud. This is because the postal service is typically used to commit these crimes by sending fraudulent documents through the mail. When multiple charges exist, the penalties can be much more serious if convicted.

Mail fraud is a white collar crime. So any business scheme involving dishonesty will allow the postal service to get involved and the charge of mail fraud will be included with all the other charges involved in the scheme.

Strategic Criminal Defense

There is a lot of unwanted media attention attached to a mail fraud charge. In fact, most white collar crimes attract a lot of attention because prosecutors like to show that they are not afraid to go after the middle or upper class. Your attorney can work to keep this attention to a minimum to protect your reputation. Just because you have been accused of mail fraud doesn’t mean that the United States Government can prove it. But he media usually tries the accused in the press long before the jury is asked to decide the case.

In addition to protecting your reputation, your rights must be protected and defense strategies devised to educate the jury on the facts of the case. Even when the charges are legitimate, that often does not mean that you will be convicted of the maximum offense. There are times when charge reductions are warranted and obtained translating into penalties that are less severe. Just because you have been accused doesn’t mean that you are destined for prison, fines, and/or restitution.

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Mail fraud involves using the postal service to commit some kind of fraud. If you have been accused of mail fraud, it is in your best interest to secure the best possible representation in order to secure the proper result in the case.

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