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Minnesota Colleges Report Increase in Sexual Assaults

Minnesota colleges are reporting an increase in sexual assaults on their campuses. The rise is very sharp compared to recent years, which has led to an urgent call to lower the number of sex offenses that are occurring on campuses all around the country. The University of Minnesota, which has already had two high-profile rape… Read more »

Minneapolis Police Say Robberies Up, Killings Down

There has been a rash of crimes in the Minneapolis area that targets people for iPads, iPhones, and other technological devices. This desire to steal these items off of people was part of the surge in the number of robberies that were seen in Minneapolis in 2013, particularly around the University of Minnesota campus. There… Read more »

Minnesota Counties Start Drug Testing in Aid Recipients

Minnesota counties are preparing to start randomly testing just some of the recipients of welfare in the state. This is part of a new state law that is aimed at preventing drug users from receiving public assistance. According to an article published in USA Today, county officials are complaining that the new rules consume a… Read more »

U of Minnesota Campus Robberies Now Happening in Daytime

The Minnesota Star Tribune reports that after a string of robberies which occurred around and on the University of Minnesota campus this year, students have been warned over and over to not walk around campus alone in the dark. Now University officials have to revamp their warnings to include walking alone during the day. This is… Read more »

Minnesota Non-Profits See Over $175K Lost or Stolen

The Mankato free Press reports that over $175,000 has been taken from various Minnesota non-profit organizations over the past four years. Non-profit organizations have been required to report losses that are experienced because of fraud, theft, or mismanagements of funds if the missing amount exceeds 5 percent of their annual gross receipts or $250,000. Non-profits… Read more »

Ignition Interlock Helps in Prevention of Multiple Minnesota DWIs

Less than one percent of drivers who have used the ignition interlock device after being convicted of DWI have reoffended since the program was implemented statewide. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office released these results in August. The ignition interlock program was started in July 2011 and so far nearly 11,000 DWI offenders have… Read more »

Experts Advise Minnesota Legislature on Synthetic Drug Problem

There are strict laws regulating drugs manufacturing and distribution, as well as laws that outline strict punishments for driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. While synthetic drugs were made illegal in Minnesota, the problem continues to grow and experts are advising the Minnesota Legislature on how to tackle the synthetic drug problem… Read more »

Minnesota DWIs are Expensive Offenses

As many individuals throughout Minnesota have found out, a DWI can have quite an effect on the bank account. At the end of August, extra patrols were on the roads because of the latest crackdown on DWIs. From Hennepin County to Steele County, the increased patrols netted over 1,500 DWI arrests with the highest blood… Read more »

Late Summer Crackdown Results in 1500+ DWI Arrests in Minnesota

More than 1,500 drivers were arrested for drunken driving during the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Authorities said that there were nearly 350 agencies involved in the campaign that ran from August 16 to September 2. The report also outlined the five areas that had the… Read more »

Ignition Interlock Helps prevent Repeat DWIs in Minnesota

The ignition interlock program in Minnesota is showing some rather significant success with less than 1 percent of drunken driving offenders in the state becoming re-offenders after the entire state adopted the program. The results were released on August 21, 2013 by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety. As it stands,… Read more »