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8 People Indicted after Accusations of Bringing Heroin to Minneapolis

A grand jury has indicted eight people on charges of conspiracy to distribute heroin in Minneapolis. These individuals are believed to be part of a drug ring that is known as “The Crew,” according to federal prosecutors.

The Associated Press reports the eight individuals are believed to have brought heroin from Chicago to Minneapolis, selling it in the north Minneapolis area, according to the indictment and announcement by the U.S. attorney’s office.

The two leaders of the drug ring traveled to Chicago around twice each month to buy up to 400 grams of heroin per trip and they used drug runners to sell the drug in small bags valued at around $40 per bag. The ring sold more than 5,000 of these small bags each month and the approximate street value of what was sold on a monthly basis was around $140,000.

In the indictment, there were individuals from both Chicago and Minneapolis. There are two main defendants listed as the leaders. The other six named in the indictment served as runners who took care of drug deliveries.

It was found during the investigation that customers would call a dispatcher anytime they wanted the drug. They would call one of three wireless telephone numbers, according to the announcement. The customers would then be directed to north Minneapolis before calling back the number for the exact location. The dispatcher would then tell the customer that a runner would be there soon. It was common for multiple customers to be directed to the same location at once.

The indictment was the result of an investigation by the Southwest Hennepin Drug Task Force. They began their investigation in May.

The drug crimes defense attorney for one of the defendants said that the indictment is going to be fought because he has knowledge that the government found nothing in their searches of the defendant’s homes in Minneapolis and Chicago and all of his vehicles. There was no money, no drugs, and no guns. The defendant also has no prior drug convictions. Pending his arraignment, the defendant has been placed in a halfway house.