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St. Paul Boy Recovering after Alleged DWI-Related Accident

A woman who was allegedly drunk when behind the wheel of her vehicle that hit a 7-year-old boy has been arrested in relation to the hit-and-run case.

According to St. Paul Police, the accident happened on July 9 just before 8 p.m. at the Bedford and Payne intersection.

The young boy, Xavier Battle, was riding his bicycle when 39-year-old Kristina Jackson hit him with her vehicle and then fled the scene.

Laketa Buice, Battle’s mother, was watching out her window when she saw the vehicle hit her son. She said he was lifeless when she saw him on the ground.

Buice said she saw the driver get out of the SUV and look around. When she saw Buice, she got in her vehicle and sped off, according to Buice.

It was not long after that an officer was able to catch up with Jackson. She was then arrested and housed in the Ramsey County Jail on fleeing the scene of an accident and suspicion of DWI.

Police say that the fact Jackson allegedly fled the scene after the accident will mean more charges will be filed against her. Police always advise that individuals stay at the accident scene or the charges could be aggravated, meaning more jail time if convicted.

Buice says she keeps reliving the moment when her son was hit by the SUV. She says she hears the sound of tires screeching and then seeing her son roll under the car. She said she is not sure she can let her children play outside anymore.

Battle is recovering at Gilette Children’s Hospital in fair condition. The large gash on his head required 40 stitches to close. He also has abrasions all over his body and bones broken in his back.

In addition to the DWI charge, Jackson could face one or more charges for fleeing the scene of an accident and criminal vehicular operation.

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