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Your Minnesota DWI May Now Be Expunged!

Effective January 1, 2015, all non-felony Minnesota DWI offenses are subject to expungement. The Minnesota Expungement Statute waiting periods before the DWI conviction is eligible are as follows:

1.  If the individual was convicted of a misdemeanor DWI, expungement may be granted 2 years after the completion of the sentence;

2.  If the individual was convicted of a gross misdemeanor DWI, expungement may be granted 4 years after the completion of the sentence;

The “completion of sentence” required by the statute means the individual must have successfully completed the period of probation as well as any jail time imposed at the time of sentencing.  For example, if an individual was convicted of a misdemeanor DWI and was placed on probation for two years, the individual must first complete the probationary period and then wait an additional two years before applying to have the conviction expunged.

For further information on the new Minnesota Expungement Statute, see my previous expungement articles, number 1 and number 2.

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