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Minnesota DWI Courts Reduce Recidivism Among Chronic DWI Offenders

Minnesota has DWI speciality courts in 16 of its 87 counties and in a two year study, funded with a $500,000 grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it was found that the re-arrest rates for those individuals completing the Minnesota DWI Court program was dramatically less than for those individuals who went through the traditional court system.  By cutting the rate at which chronic DWI offenders get re-arrested, it is estimated the the State of Minnesota will save approximately $1.4 million dollars over the next two years.

Hennepin County has one of the largest DWI Court programs and it is held on the Eighth Floor of the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis.  A Minnesota DWI offender is eligible to enter the Hennepin County DWI program if he or she:

(1) Is a repeat DWI offender; (2) Is a resident of Hennepin County; (3) Is at least 18 years of age; (4) does not have a history of a crime of violence (i.e. 4th degree assault or greater); and (5) agrees to complete a chemical health assessment.

Minneapolis DWI Lawyer, F.T. Sessoms, notes that generally all of the DWI Courts in Minnesota have three phases:

Phase one:

Attend court weekly; meet with probation weekly; attend treatment and aftercare; submit to random testing; seek employment or enroll in school; agree to random home visits; observe a curfew; participate on a victim impact panel; complete a few days of sentence to service.

Phase two:

Attend court every other week; meet with probation officer every other week; random testing; maintain employment and/or education; random home visits; continue in all alcohol programs; AA with a sponsor; observe a curfew.

Phase three:

Attend court one every for weeks for a minimum of six reviews; meet with probation monthly; random testing; maintain employment/education; random home visits; observe a curfew; attend AA.

The program lasts a minimum of 18 months and it has had a significant impact in reducing the re-arrest rate of chronic DWI offenders.

If you have been arrested for a Minnesota DWI offense, contact Minneapolis DWI Attorney, F. T. Sessoms at (612) 344-1505 to discuss your rights and defenses today!