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Minnesota Celebrates 5 Years of no NYE DUI Deaths

The numbers are in and they say that Minnesota police are thrilled with how 2013 got started.

Despite a busy New Year’s Eve for police and partygoers, there were no DUI-related deaths. This marks the 5th year of this success and it is believed that this is due to individuals getting the message about having a designated driver or alternate transportation arranged on nights where drinking may be possible. It seems more people throughout the state are taking the dangers more seriously.

The Minnesota State Patrol has stated that they know that more people are aware that they are going to be out looking for drunk drivers. The patrol has not kept it secret that they are on the prowl. They have made their campaign quite public so that individuals can make better choices each time they get behind the wheel of a car. Telling the public about what they are doing is a good tool for Minnesota DUI prevention rather than trying to catch people in the act. They have said repeatedly that it is not about how many DUI arrests that they make, but it is more about people making better and safer choices.

Since 2002, the numbers regarding DUI related incidents have been improving, especially on New Year’s Eve, which is a busy night for police.

From 2002 to 2007, police would arrest an average of 322 people for DUI each year on New Year’s Eve, but that number has now decreased to 295 people per year since 2007.

Now, the State Patrol has the goal of reducing the number of DUI incidents year round and not just on the New Year’s holiday. They are hoping that the declining number and the fact there have been no deaths in five years on New Year’s Eve from drunk driving-related offenses gives them something to build upon.

The Minnesota State Patrol ended 2012 with fewer than 380 highway fatalities.

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