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Maximum Bail Amounts In Minnesota

The Maximum Bail Amounts for misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor offenses is governed by Minnesota Statute § 629.471. The statute generally provides that the maximum bail amount which can be imposed is twice the maximum fine for the offense.  The maximum fine for a misdemeanor is $1,000.00. The maximum fine for a gross misdemeanor is $3,000.00.  But the offenses below receive “special treatment”:

Maximum Bail Amount in Minnesota For Misdemeanor and Gross Misdemeanor DWI:

The maximum bail amount for misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor DWI in Minnesota is four times the maximum fine or four thousand dollars for a misdemeanor and twelve thousand dollars for a gross misdemeanor. There in not any limit on the amount of bail which may be imposed on a Felony DWI.
Bail is rarely imposed for a misdemeanor DWI unless the DWI offender is from out-of-state.

Maximum Bail Amount for 5th Degree Assault or Malicious Punishment of a Child:

The maximum bail amount for 5th Degree Assault or Malicious Punishment of a child is six times the maximum fine for the charged offense.

Maximum Bail Amount for Domestic Abuse, Domestic Assault Or Violation of a DANCO:

The maximum bail amount for domestic abuse, domestic assault or for the violation of a “domestic abuse no-contact order” is ten times the maximum fine of the charged offense.

Bail Without Conditions:

A bail without conditions must always be imposed. For example, the court can order a $12,000.00 bail amount for a gross misdemeanor DWI, but it cannot also order that the individual report to a probation officer or wear a monitor or impose any other non-cash condition of release. Bail is, therefore, set in the alternative in Minnesota: A maximum bail is set without conditions or the arrestee can choose to comply with conditions set by the court, such as wear an alcohol monitor, refrain from entering bars, etc.

Where to Post the Bail:

To post bail, the amount must be posted in cash with the Sheriff or the Court as checks or credit cards are not acceptable. The individual can also hire a bail bondsman who will post the bail in exchange for a fee of 10% of the amount posted.

When Will The Bail Be Returned:

Cash bail will be returned to the offender or the bail bond will be discharged once the criminal case has been completed.

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