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Man and Woman in Custody after Minnesota Homicide

Two people from Badger, Minnesota, made their first appearance in court on October 9 regarding the homicide of a man on Saturday, October 6.

The two people, Disiree Shinholser, 24, and Jeremy Lemen, 34, were arrested and booked on Saturday on provisional charges. The formal charges were brought against them on Monday, but the Clerk of Court’s office did not receive the documentation before it closed, according to the assistant county attorney. The state attorney general is taking charge of the prosecution of this case because of the seriousness.

Shinholser and Lemen were living together in an apartment building in Badger. This is the same building where the victim, John Currier, lived. He was found dead on Saturday morning in the building.

The 911 call had come in at around 11 a.m. on Saturday regarding the death of a man. It did not take long for Shinholser and Lemen to be arrested. Currently, there is no one else being suspected in the crime.

Shinholser is originally from Florida and Lemen from Arizona. In 2010, Lemen was charged in Minnesota’s Roseau County with providing a minor with alcohol.

The victim in the case was a quiet individual who never caused any trouble, according to the landlord, and he worked at Polaris Industries. The landlord said that Currier was one of his better renters, living in the complex for just over a year.

Currier’s age is believed to be about 31 and he is originally from International Falls, where his family currently lives.

As of Monday, Polaris had not yet formally notified employees of Currier’s death due to little information from the sheriff’s office. What is known is that Currier may have been friends with Shinholser and Lemen because he had them as friends on Facebook. According to this page, Currier had a young daughter.