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How Will A DWI Conviction Affect My Ability To Drive a Motorboat, Snowmobile or ATV?

Anyone arrested on or after August 1, 2018 for a Minnesota DWI while operating an automobile will now also lose their privilege to drive or operate a motorboat, snowmobile,  or all terrain vehicle.  Prior to August 1st, those arrested for a Minnesota DWI in an automobile would not lose their privilege to drive other off-road vehicles.  But that loophole was closed due to the unfortunate death of a young boy.

In January of 2018, five year old Alan Geisenkoetter, Jr. was struck and killed by a drunken snowmobiler.  Even though the snowmobiler’s driver’s license was revoked because of his prior DWIs,  he was still able to legally to drive a snowmobile.  In response to the tragedy, the Minnesota Legislature acted this year to terminate the ability of people convicted of a Minnesota DWI to drive, operate or physically control any motor vehicle including snowmobiles, boats or ATVs.

Effective August 1, 2018:

Anyone arrested on the highway for a Minnesota DWI (committed on or after 8/1/2018),  will also lose their privilege, upon conviction, to drive a boat, snowmobile or ATV for the following minimum periods of time:

1.  The offender will lose their boating privilege for a period of 90 days between May 1 and October 31, extending over two consecutive years if necessary;

2.  If the offender refused to submit to testing, the person shall be prohibited from operating a motorboat for a period of one year;

3.  The offender will be prohibited from operating a snowmobile or other all-terrain vehicle for a period of one year.

In addition, anyone convicted Minnesota DWI while operating a motorboat, snowmobile or ATV (committed on or after 8/1/2018) will also lose their regular motor vehicle license.  Prior to August 1,2018, a first time Minnesota DWI committed while driving a motorboat, snowmobile or ATV did not result in the loss of the driver’s license.  The net result of  the new legislation is that any Minnesota DWI conviction will now result in the revocation of all driving privileges for any type of motor vehicle.

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