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Distracted Teenagers Are Among The World’s Worst Drivers

The Washington Post reports today that, “distractions – especially talking with passengers and using cellphones – play a far greater role in car crashes involving  teen drivers than has been previously understood, according to compelling new evidence cited by safety researchers.”

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety analyzed approximately 1,770 videos of teen drivers that captured their actions immediately prior to a crash.  The analysis of the videos found that in 6 out of 10 cases, teen driver distraction was a factor in the crashes.  This was especially true in accidents in which the driver ran off the road or rear-ended another vehicle.

“The most common forms of distraction were talking or otherwise engaging with other passengers and using a cell-phone, including talking, texting and reviewing messages.” Other forms of distractions noted on the videos were: 10%- looking away from the road to something outside the vehicle; 9%-looking outside the vehicle at something other than the road ahead; 8%-singing or moving to music; 6%- grooming; 6%-reaching for an object.

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