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If you have been charged with a Minnesota DWI, or any other criminal offense, contact Minnesota Super Lawyer F. T. Sessoms at (612) 344-1505 for answers to all of your DWI and criminal law questions.  After all, who do you want as your attorney? Do you want a trial-tested, award-winning Minnesota Super Lawyer? Or do you want an Minnesota DWI and Criminal Defense Attorney who is just learning to “practice” law? It is your money and it is your choice.

F.T. Sessoms is a highly recognized, skilled and knowledgeable attorney with extensive experience defending clients in both state and federal courts. His knowledge and experience allows him to fight to obtain the very best possible outcome for each and every client.

“Since results speak for themselves, I invite you to take a look at my legally significant wins and my Google Reviews, as I believe you will agree I have had an extraordinary career in the defense of those accused of  Minnesota DWI’s and other crimes”.

With an exclusive focus on DWI and criminal defense, F.T. Sessoms has successfully defended clients throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and all of Minnesota. Mr. Sessoms uses solid defense strategies and thorough investigations to get the charges dismissed, reduced or obtain acquittals after trial. Each and every step of the way, F.T. Sessoms is dedicated to ensuring every available resource is used to provide each client with the defense that they deserve.

A Skilled And Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney

Most people try to obey the law. But people make mistakes and if you or a loved one has been arrested for a crime, then you need to have F. T. Sessoms as your lawyer. Any arrest is stressful; it is embarrassing and clients are often confused about what they should do because, “it has never happened” to them before. Well, F. T. Sessoms knows how to defend these cases and protect your rights that are now at risk. F.T. Sessoms investigates every case to build a solid and strategic defense and then he educates his clients so they understand and appreciate the options available to them. Every client deserves accurate information so that they can make informed decisions in the proceedings they face. And F.T. Sessoms is always willing to answer any questions his clients may have about their case.

A Successful Track Record

F.T. Sessoms has a leading record in DWI Defense, and has been recognized as one of the very best Minneapolis & St. Paul DWI attorneys. In fact, in 2012, F. T. Sessoms was named the “Minneapolis DWI Defense Lawyer of the Year”.

When a client has been charged with DWI, there are a number of strategies that Minnesota DWI Lawyer F.T. Sessoms will use to secure a dismissal of the charges and the restoration of the client’s driver’s license. DWI has a number of technical issues and defenses that are available to the accused and Minnesota DWI Lawyer F.T. Sessoms is a master at exploiting the potential errors that commonly occur in a DWI case.

“I have successfully defended numerous drunk driving arrests in Minnesota by challenging, among other things, the grounds for the initial stop; whether the police had probable cause; whether the police made a mistake of law; whether the consent to test was coerced; whether the police attempted to obtain a search warrant prior to testing; whether the test itself was valid; and whether the right to additional testing was violated.” If an error has been made in a DWI case or any criminal case, F.T. Sessoms will find it.

In addition to being knowledgeable and experienced, F.T. Sessoms has a reputation for being sensitive and compassionate to the emotional needs of his clients. He has defended clients in both state and federal court in matters ranging from sex crimes and domestic assault to mail fraud and murder for hire. His knowledge of the law and his experience are great assets in any case and you can see for yourself, from his legally significant wins and Google Reviews, that F. T. Sessoms is highly successful in the defense of the accused.

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I am very experienced in challenging your DWI arrest or any other criminal charges you may be facing. I provide a thorough and systematic analysis of every case and will exploit any weakness to defend the people I represent. I am available to discuss your case, seven days a week. Contact me today and I will take an immediate look at your case!

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