Why should I fight my arrest, license revocation and/or forfeiture?

If you have been arrested for a DWI in Minnesota you are facing the immediate loss of your license, a criminal record, a jail term and thousands of dollars in increased insurance costs. But these cases can be won. I have successfully defended DWI arrests in Minnesota on all of the following grounds:

(a) Whether the police had sufficient grounds to make the initial stop of the vehicle;

(b) Whether the police had probable cause to make the arrest for DWI;

(c) Whether the police made a mistake of law;

(d) Whether the individual under arrest for DWI was properly advised of his rights pursuant to the Minnesota Implied Consent law:

(e) Whether the police assisted in the vindication of the right to counsel prior to testing or whether the right was arbitrarily terminated by the police;

(f) Whether the alcohol concentration test result was accurate and reliable;

(g) Whether the state made a timely disclosure of the “source code” (aka the system software) for the intoxilyzer 5000 breath testing machine, and;

(h) Whether the right to additional testing was hindered or denied by the police.

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